Are you leaving the university?

End of studies, change of university... libraries support you

Obtain a Quitus de bibliothèque [library discharge]

A discharge from your library, is certifying that you are released from any obligation to the library: you no longer have any outstanding loans.

Quitus [Discharge] is required for the delivry of your degree or the transfer of your registration form if you enroll in another university.

It applies to the 3 libraries of the university: no need to ask for one per library.

Please note that once the discharge has been issued, you will no longer be able to borrow from the University of Rennes' libraries.

Keep coming to libraries!

The University of Rennes' libraries are open to all patrons, without registration. Even if you are no longer registered at the university, libraries welcome you!

Some of libraries services are freely available, without registration: come and settle down, consult books and journals in the library, connect to the wifi, ask a librarian for help and advice, etc.

Other services are available by registration only: borrowing documents, consulting online resources to which the university subscribes, etc. Subcribe and join us as "lecteur extérieur"!

Continue your documentary search with free online resources

You are no longer registered at the university? This does not mean that you can no longer do research: you can search in freely accessible databases that will provide you full-text materials, in whole or in part.

Browser extensions exist that redirect you to open access content (preprint or postprint author version, open access repository). We suggest several below

Use free tools and software

Librarians recommend several tools for office automation, bibliographic reference management and thought organization.