« Authentification Rennes 1 » button

You try to access an article or ebook that feature among the University’s subscriptions, but you are asked for your login details. What can you do?

Install the button

If you use a direct link to an online resource, for example by using a general search engine, by browsing a publisher's site, from a bookmark, from a bibliographic data management tool, or from an e-mail, there is a risk of missing the passerelle.univ-rennes1.fr suffix to be identified as a University member: access will not be authorised to you, even though the University has a subscription.

We offer you a simple way to add the passerelle.univ-rennes1.fr suffix to your pages:
  1. Save the following button to your favourites (Right-click> Bookmark or Click-n-drag to the personal bar) Authentification Rennes 1
  2. When you try to access an online article and there is no "passerelle.univ-rennes1.fr” suffix in the URL, you will receive an error message: click on the button Authentification Rennes 1 to change the address.
  3. If you are not logged in, your University ID and password will be requested before you are redirected to the resource.


Discover: the browser extension Library Access

The tip described here is one of the features built into the browser extension Library Access, which we invite you to discover and install in your browser.