Blank page and ad blocker

Problem identified

You click on a link in Supernova, Econlit or Business Source Complete, and instead of seeing your article, you get a blank page.

What happened and what can I do?

The problem may be linked to the fact that ad blocker or anti-tracking software is enabled in your browser.

To be redirected to your article, you must list the suffix as an authorised domain in the blocker

Example with the uBlock module in Firefox:

When a blank page is displayed, you will notice in the top right corner that your blocker has been enabled.

Open the uBlock log by clicking on the icon in your menu bar, or via the Firefox menu/Modules/ uBlock, then click on More, then Event log. Go to the Whitelist and add to the list, then Apply.

If it is not enough, identify the sequence appropriate to the ressource which causes problem and add it also. Example for articles on ScienceDirect : add to the white list.

It can be necessary in certain cases to deactivate the extension completely.

NB: the blocker can also cause problems when downloading PDFs in Zotero.