How to borrow documents, which types of documents and for how long?
Accueil de la BU Centre : comment empunter des documents

Borrowing terms

Whatever your profile, student, teacher-researcher, staff, patrons from outside the university, the loan rules are now the same for everyone!

Document 30 days Unlimited number 1 extend loan period of 30 days
Highly requested document* 15 days Unlimited number No extension
Small material 1 day** Unlimited number No extension

* highly requested document: BU Centre legal codes, French national medical exam (ECN)

** 1 day for all small materials, except for portable DVD players (30 days) and the long loan of computers.

Types of document you can borrow

You can borrow the following in the 3 university libraries:

  • All books except those labelled “not for loan” and old books (published before 1920)
  • All journal issues, except some irems "exclus du prêt" or "consultation sur place uniquement" [ not for loan]
  • Theses and dissertations, except in the case of specific confidentiality provisions
  • DVD

Extend my loan

You can renew items:

  • online, via your library account,
  • at the library reception desk,
  • using the self-service machines


Renewal is not possible if...

  • you have overdue items,
  • your library account has been suspended,
  • the item you wish to keep has been reserved by another user,
  • if it's a highly requested document