BU Villejean Santé [Villejean Health Library]

Medicine, basic sciences, dentistry, pharmacy, health culture...

The library is open to everyone, academics and non-academics.
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How to find us

Batiment 14 of the campus Villejean Santé

  • Travelling to the library by public transportation
Subway: line A, Villejean-Université or Pontchaillou stop

Bus stop: line C4, Gaston Berger stop

  • Postal address:

2, avenue du Prof. Léon Bernard

35043 Rennes cedex

  • Phone number:: 02 23 23 34 52
  • Email: bu-contact[a]listes.univ-rennes.fr

Opening hours


The extended opening hours are open to everyone, free of charge and without registration.

Only the ground floor is accessible during the extended opening hours: the first floor is closed

Reading rooms collections

The books in the BU Villejean Santé are classified according to a simplified and adapted version of the NLM classification, where :

  • each field is represented by 2 letters

for example WM for Psychiatry.

  • each subject is represented by 2 numbers

for example WM 27 for Addictions.

Most of the books are in French.

EDN → EDN Preparation

Ground floor, Madeleine Brès room.

Training books for the EDN (former-ECNi) exams can be found at the entrance of the room: clinical cases, exercises, QCM, etc. Shelfmark WB 18.

They are presented in complete collections. Each book is available in several items.


Ground floor, Martin Winckler room.

With the presence of the SCELVA health resources centre in the library we can provide dictionaries and language methods, as well as foreign language books including DVDs and novels, and some foreign newspapers.


Ground floor, Madeleine Brès room.

The majority of the room's collections constits of textbooks, scientific monographs, essays, courses and consensus conferences grouped by speciality, of public health.  ( Shelfmarks  WA, WB etc.) to ophthalmology ( Shelfmark WW) and nursing ( Shelfmark WY).


Floor, Pierre Fauchard room.

From the collections of a former specialised library, the Odontology collection ( Shelfmark WU) contains mainly works for students, mostly in french and in several items, as well as some research works.

Professional orientation

Ground floor, Martin Winckler room.

The library has a collection of books, magazines and job descriptions to help you find your way through the health professions.


Floor, Pierre Fauchard room.

For pharmacy students, but also for medical students, all books dealing with drugs (QV): their pharmacological action, their manufacture, their marketing and the functioning of pharmacies.

We feature books to prepare for the pharmacy internship exams and scientific-level documentation on natural remedies and aromatherapy.

Health → Cultures of health

Ground floor, Martin Winckler room.

Here you will find comics, DVDs (fiction, TV shows, documentaries), novels that take place in a medical setting and testimonies from carers and patients.

National general newspapers and popular science journals are also available in this area..

Health → History of health

Ground floor, Martin Winckler room.

Collection presenting books dealing with the history of health in France and abroad, from Antiquity to the present day. Shelfmark WZ.

Basic sciences

Floor, Alexander Fleming room.

Books and manuals on subjects also known as pre-clinical subjects:
  • mathematics: Shelfmark QA
  • pathology: Shelfmark QZ
  • anatomy: Shelfmark QS
  • biochemistry: Shelfmark QU
  • and others.

The preparation books for the selection tests at the end of the first year in the PASS and LAS streams are integrated into each discipline and grouped by EU.

Storerooms collections

The BU Villejean Santé has two storerooms: the main storeroom and the Réserve (dedicated to antiquarian books and heritage collections).

Main storeroom

Books, journals (issues before 1960), theses and dissertations, and old books (published before 1920) can be requested at reception and brought to you in a few minutes.

The Réserve: antiquarian books and heritage collections

Over 8,000 works from the 16th to 20th century, and including many compilations of journal articles.

This storeroom features several sets from:

  • the inter-university library,
  • Rennes School of Medicine and Pharmacy,
  • Dr Paul Delaunay (1878-1958), a doctor from Sarthe,
  • Jacques Léonard (1935-1988), lecturer at the University of Rennes 2.

You can consult antiquarian books on the spot when the library is open, except during extended opening hours.They must be returned 30 minutes before the floor closes.

To consult this special books in the libraries on a Saturday, remember to culture-patrimoineatuniv-rennes1 [dot] fr (make a prior request by email) or in person.

  1. Check whether the book is available online in digital format: Gallica, Biodiversity Heritage Library, Europeana, or Medic@. You will not receive the hard copy, except if specifically required.
  2. Fill in a request form, available at the library reception.
  3. You must leave your student card, library card or proof of identity while you consult the documents.

Some works, manuscripts or journals cannot be given out for conservation reasons (documents in poor condition or too rare and precious). Documents dated before 1920 are not available for loan. Microfilms can only be consulted at the BU Centre.

Réserve de la BU Villejean Santé