Configure Google Scholar

Access to University of Rennes subscriptions using the academic publication search engine

Google Scholar is a search engine that targets academic documentation (scientific articles, theses, etc.).

The tip described here is one of the features built into the browser extension Library Access, which we invite you to discover and install.

Here is a link to a preconfigured version of Google Scholar for your Google Scholar searches: the search engine is configured to indicate whether the University is subscribed to a journal or book package or not.
The articles or documents listed in Google Scholar are then directly accessible in full-text version by clicking on the "Accès Univ. Rennes "[Access via Univ.Rennes ]" link when it is available.

Exemple :

Accéder par l'Université de Rennes

To add another source, for example if you also have access to CNRS or University of Rennes 2 subscriptions, you can change Google Scholar settings:

Paramétrage G Scholar


Paramétrage Google Scholar