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Having trouble finding a book, preparing your research topic or accessing an online resource?
Les BU proposent une aide sur place et en ligne

On the spot

We are available for assistance during opening times.

At the information desk and at the help desk, we can help you to :

  • use the available tools and resources,
  • find a document on the shelves,
  • retrieve information,
  • find available documents on your chosen topic,
  • use bibliography software,
  • access an online resource.

Appointment with a librarian

Librarians from the three libraries offer individual, 1 hour appointments for in-depth research. They are individual and personalised sessions to meet your requirements. More information about the appointments with a librarian.

On the phone

During the libraries opening times

  • BU Beaulieu: 02 23 23 34 31
  • BU Centre: 02 23 23 34 00
  • BU Villejean Santé: 02 23 23 34 52
  • Service commun de la documentation [Executive management of the Library]: 02 23 23 34 18

By chat

Chat with a librarian at the bottom of our website page.

Ask a librarian a question via the chat room from 9am to 6pm, Monday to Friday!
You can ask for :

  • information about services and resources in the various libraries
  • help with information retrieval : how and where can I find a document? How can I find references and information about a topic? How do I use online library' resources?

Does the window bother you? You can click on "Non merci" to close it.

The chat service is provided by the member institutions of the national network, in which the university libraries of the University of Rennes participate. For more information, you can consult the charter for the chat question and answer service in French published by the network.

By email

  • For all questions

You can write to us at bu-contactatlistes [dot] univ-rennes [dot] fr. The librarians will reply within 48 working hours maximum!

  • Looking for someone in particular?

All University staff contact details can be found in the University directory (English version available)

  • Contacts for members of the SCD leadership group

Directrice du SCD  : veronique [dot] prevetatuniv-rennes [dot] fr (Véronique Prévet)

Directeur adjoint du SCD : thierry [dot] fournieratuniv-rennes [dot] fr (Thierry Fournier )

Responsable administrative[Administrative manager] anne-marie [dot] vetieratuniv-rennes [dot] fr (Anne-Marie Vetier)

BU Beaulieu

  • Responsable : flora [dot] blancoatuniv-rennes [dot] fr (Flora Blanco)
  • Responsable adjointe : flora [dot] blancoatuniv-rennes [dot] fr (Flora Blanco)

BU Centre

  • Responsable : bruno [dot] bonnenfantatuniv-rennes [dot] fr (Bruno Bonnenfant)
  • Responsable adjointe : clemence [dot] martinatuniv-rennes [dot] fr (Clémence Belvèze)

BU Villejean Santé

  • Responsable : anne-celine [dot] duboisatuniv-rennes [dot] fr (Anne-Céline Dubois)
  • Responsable adjoint : xavier [dot] chard-hutchinsonatuniv-rennes [dot] fr (Xavier Chard-Hutchinson)

Responsable Appui à la Recherche et Documentation en Ligne : manon [dot] leguennecatuniv-rennes [dot] fr (Manon Le Guennec)

Responsable Signalement et Informatique Documentaire : sara [dot] bernardatuniv-rennes [dot] fr (Sara Bernard)

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Postal addresses

  • BU Beaulieu

263, avenue du Général Leclerc

CS 74205

35 042 Rennes cedex

  • BU Centre

4 rue Lesage CS 36402

35064 Rennes cedex

  • BU Villejean Santé

2, avenue du Prof. Léon Bernard

35043 Rennes cedex

  • Service commun de la documentation [Executive management of the Library]

Université de Rennes

4, rue Lesage CS 36402

35064 Rennes cedex