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Everything you need to know about online resources at University
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Dedicated pages to unfold

On our website main page, in the Find a Document menu, you will be able to unfold a sub-menu to find infos on online resources. Menu Ressources en ligne

Here we offer you a quick overview

A very large offer of online documentation

Online resources are available 24/7, perfect to search for info whenever, wherever !

Are you familiar with our online resources?

  • more than 100,000 ebooks available,
  • more than 70,000 fully or partially accessible online journals,
  • numerous databases.

[Source : Libraries key figures].

Looking for documents with Supernova

Supernova is the search engine for the university libraries documentation, whether on sites or online.

In other words, you may access the online documentation to which the university has subscribed using Supernova, with the exception of a few resources (mainly law databases).

Supernova covers :

  • University of Rennes library catalogue (books, ebooks, journals),
  • databases and online journals to which Rennes 1 has subscribed (journals articles, ebooks, ebook chapters, etc.)
  • some open access resources.

Instructions to use Supernova

Supernova allows you to get direct access to full text of the results (articles, ebooks, etc.).

You can then:

  • read them online,
  • download them when the publisher's platform allows it.
Accès au texte intégral, accès en ligne

List of online resources


Do you know all the resources you might be interested in? Dalloz, Science Direct,  all the academic online resources to which the university has subscribed, and also Europresse to browse french and international online press, Cairn for journals and ebooks in the humanities and social sciences, etc.

See the list of online resources directly from the website.



Capture des ressources en ligne

By clicking on a resource, you will access its detailed page on which are displayed a link to the resource and a description, and in somes cases a video tutorial.


  • You can filter the list of resources by discipline or type of resource, on the right side of the page.
  • By directly using the link instead of going through your ENT, you will spare several clicks and have quickier access in case the ENT would be overloaded.

Library access

There are many tools to help you access online documentation. We offer two proven browser extensions: Library Access and the Istex button.

Library Access is a browser extension developed by Lean Library, which pops up as a contextual window and gives you a gateway to the document you want to read, regardless of the path you have chosen to make your research.

It is triggered :

  • because the University has subscribed to a platform that hosts the article you want,
  • because  an open access version is available somewhere,
  • because it is possible to order it through interlibrary loan
  • and there are many more possibilities !

Installing Library Access (Lean Library) on your computer is very easy.

Add the extension to your browser by downloading it, and choose the University of Rennes from the "Select your library" drop-down menu. For proper use, the "Skip the pop up" box should not be checked.

Discovering Library access

ISTEX : scientific archives

Since 2011, the programme for the purchase of national licences, followed by the ISTEX project, has brought together the various Scientific and Technical Information actors around a common objective: providing online access to retrospective collections of scientific publications to the broader Higher Education and Research community.

Each year, new collections are made available on the platform: journal archives, ebooks, databases, text corpuses. In addition to making these documents available online, the platform also includes a range of value-added services, such as the possibility of searching texts and content.

Researchers, the ISTEX team has a dedicated page at your disposal.

Some examples of available corpus:

Find all the corpus in our online resources pages or on the ISTEX site with a classification of corpus by discipline.

There are many gateways to the ISTEX archives:

  • The contents are indexed in Supernova, you will find them by a search in your libraries search engine
  • The ISTEX platform itself
  • The development team provides a series of tools to easily access and exploit articles: an extension for Firefox, an API, etc.
  • The Istex Button browser extension is described in our dedicated Hints and Tips page, as well as the Library Access extension, which will make it easier for you to access the online documentation

Optimize your online documentation search

 Optimize your online documentation search page presents a buttons, tools and browser extensions to:

  • open access to  the Université de Rennes documentation and access the full text of articles and other online resources
  • use extensions to discover other online resources
  • assess the relevance of the citations

Solve the most common technical problems

The Solutions to the most common technical problems page presents the main known technical problems and how to solve them.

Didn't find an answer to your problem? Librarians can provide you support during the usual opening periods of the libraries.

For a larger issue, we may help you:

  • by email to bu-contactatlistes [dot] univ-rennes [dot] fr
  • by chat, by clicking on the "A question" widget at the bottom right of the website pages