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Law, management, political science, economics, public administration....
Rayonnages de la BU Droit-Économie-Gestion

Documents available in the rooms

Everyone can consult documents on the spot and free of charge.
In the reading rooms, the documents have a 10-year maximum age limit.

After this time, they are put in storage and are available on request from the library reception, in the lobby.

An exception is made for journals in room G: some very popular titles exceed the 10-year age limit. This is the case of the Dalloz collection and the Semaine juridique (JCP) - General Edition journal.

The classification of subjects into major themes is based on the classification used at the BU Centre (Dewey classification) and reflects the layout of the collections in the rooms.

Public administration

Room G.

  • Public administration: Room G > " Réussite étudiante "[Student Success] area, shelfmarks 351 to 355 (except for 351.07 and 351.076)

Central and decentralised public administration, ministries, military science (war).

  • Public service examinations: Room G > " Réussite étudiante "[Student Success] area, shelfmarks 351.07 and 351.076

Preparation for public service examinations, annals of administrative examinations.

General knowledge, working methods

Room G, Réussite étudiante "[Student Success] area.

The collections available at the BU are bought in collaboration with the SOIE, located at 1, rue de la Borderie, in offices close to the BU. The SOIE provides books on career guidance and careers.

  • General knowledge, methodology: Room G > " Réussite étudiante "[Student Success] area, shelfmarks 001.2, 001.4, 800 and 808

Description: general knowledge manuals, work methods, etc.

  • Education: Room G > " Réussite étudiante "[Student Success] area, shelfmark 370

Education, studies, pedagogy (excluding career guidance and professional integration).


Patio, room F, room G.

In short:

  • Examination papers: hall and online
  • Legal codes: hall
  • Introduction to law: patio
  • International law: patio
  • Public law: patio
  • Private law and criminology: room F
  • The most recent years of Legal and political science journals (in alphabetical order by title) : room G

Details of the themes covered:

  • Introduction to law: patio, shelfmark 340
  • General law : patio, shelfmark : 340.02 to 340.92

Includes methodology, dictionaries, philosophy of law, legal systems, "essays in honour of".

  • History of law: patio, shelfmarks 340.09 and 340.092
  • International public law : patio, shelfmarks 341 to 341.7

History, treaties, relations between States, competences of States, jurisdiction over persons (human rights), litigation and conflicts between States, law of war, defence and security.

  • European law: patio, shelfmark 341.8

European institutions, Community law/national law, European integration, European construction, litigation, history of European construction, European monetary and economic union, European regional and cohesion policy.

  • Public law: patio, shelfmark 342 (except 342.02 to 026, and 342.06 to 068)

History of public law, political institutions, fundamental rights, electoral law, local government law, public law of other countries.

  • Constitutional law: patio, shelfmarks 342.02, 342.023, 342.026

Constitutional law, constitutions and basic texts, Constitutional Council.

  • Administrative law: patio, shelfmarks 342.06, 062, 065, 066, 068

Administrative law, executive power, public business law, administrative procedure, civil service law.

  • Law of "public activities" : patio, shelfmarks 343.02, .03, .04 , 343.078, 343.091

Administrative property law, public finance law, urban planning and development law, public services law, energy, transport.

  • Tax law: patio, shelfmark 343.04
  • "Private activity" law: patio, shelfmarks: 343.07, .071, .072, .076, .08, .099, .099 9

Economic law, consumer law, competition law, rural and agricultural law, international trade law, communications and media law, IT law.

  • Social law general and various topics: patio, shelfmark 344 (except 344.01, .02, .04, .046)

Social law, social security law, social action law, public security law, public works law, education law, science and technology law, culture and leisure law, social law by country.

  • Labour law : patio, shelfmark 344.01
  • Social welfare law: patio, shelfmark 344.02
  • Health and medical law: patio, shelfmarks: 344.04 (except 344.046)
  • Environmental law: patio, shelfmark 344.046
  • Criminal law: room F, shelfmark 345

Criminal law, history of criminal law, criminal courts, offences, crimes, misdemeanours, liability, criminal procedure, juvenile criminal law, criminal law of countries.

  • Private law: roomF, shelfmark 346 (except 346.01 to .017 and except 346.02, .07 to .078)

Tort law, property law, real estate law, intangible property law, inheritance law, law of non-profit organisations, banking and insurance law, private law by continents.

  • Law of persons and family law: room F, shelfmark 346.01 to 346.017

Law of persons, family law, marriage, PACS, divorce, filiation, etc.

  • Contract law: room F, shelfmark 346.02

Contracts and mandates, law of obligations.

  • Business law: room F, shelfmarks 346.07 to 078

Business law and international business law, company law, securities, bankruptcy and insolvency law.

  • Private Judicial Law: room F, shelfmark 347

Private judicial law, courts, officials and court officers, civil procedure, arbitration, private judicial law by continent.

  • Criminology, prisons: room F, shelfmarks 364 and 365

Criminology, crimes and offences, prisons and prisoners.

  • Legal codes : hall, shelfmark 348

The last three years of the Dalloz and Lexis Nexis codes.

  • Examination papers: hall and online

2020-2021: examination papers are available.
2019-2020: examination papers are not available due to the health crisis, neither online nor at the library.


Room B and C.

  • Academic journals: room B
  • Examination papers: hall and online

Examination papers for 2019-2020 are available online via your ENT (Tab "Formation insertion pro", then "annales") and  in print at the BU Centre (open access in the library lobby, consultation on site only)

Generals: room C, shelfmarks 330 to 330.9 except 330.015

Introductory works on economics

  • Mathematical principles, econometrics: room C, shelfmark 330.015
  • Labour economics: room C, shelfmark 331

Labour market, unemployment, employment, vocational training...

  • Financial economics: room C, shelfmark 332

Financial mathematics, international finance, banking, money, investment, credit...

  • Land and energy economics: room C, shelfmark 333

Land ownership, natural resources, energy, environment...

  • Social and solidarity economy: room C, shelfmark 334

Social and solidarity economy, mutuality, cooperatives

  • Public finance: room C, shelfmark 336

Public finance, local government, taxes, public debt and expenditure...

  • International economy: room B, shelfmark 337

International economic relations, globalisation, cooperation...

  • Microeconomics: room B, shelfmark 338

Economics of production, microeconomics, organisation of production, development economics, sustainable development...

  • Macroeconomics: room B, shelfmark 339

Macroeconomics (including problems and exercises), accounting and national accounts, economic fluctuations...

  • Insurance, actuarial science: room B, shelfmark 368
  • Trade, communications, transport: room B, shelfmark 380

Domestic trade, international trade, land, sea and air transport.


Room D.

The Management sector is mainly intended for students and teacher-researchers of the UFR Sciences économiques and the Institut de Gestion de Rennes.

The Centre de Recherche en Économie et Management (CREM) is a research laboratory whose two thematic areas concern Management. The publications of CREM researchers are regularly reviewed.
The Rennes IUT library and the BU Beaulieu also buy works in management sciences.

  • Exercises and exams: room D, shelfmarks 657.07 and 657.0076

Accounting exercises, books preparing for the public accounting exams (IRPEC-IGR is training for the DSCG): all the tests, including law, economics and english, can be found in 657.007 6.

  • Business management: room D, shelfmark 658 (except 658.007 6 and 658.11)

General works on management, theory of organisations, specialised dictionaries, history of management, business models information systems.

  • Problems and exercises (examination papers and entrance examination) : room D, shelfmark 658.007 6

Examination papers and entrance examination in IAE (Institut d'Administration des Entreprises) and business schools (Message → IAE Rennes, Passerelle → ESC Rennes, Tage → ESC Rennes, Acces, Tremplin).

  • Entrepreneurship, business creation: room D, shelfmark 658.11

Books on business creation or takeover, setting up a business.

  • Financial management: room D, shelfmarks 658.15, 658.152 and 658.155

Financial analysis, financial engineering, business valuation, corporate cash flow, risk management.

  • Human resources management: room D, shelfmarks 658.3 to 658.38

Recruitment, working conditions, remuneration, safety.

  • Management : room D, shelfmark 658.4 (except 658.401 2 and 658.401 3)

Management, corporate governance, change management, project management, corporate social responsibility, economic intelligence...

  • Strategy : room D, shelfmark 658.401 2

Strategic management, business plans, management charts...

  • Management control: room D, shelfmark 658.401 3

Budgetary management, management tools...

  • Production management, logistics: room D, shelfmarks 658.5 to 658.7

Supply chain management, inbound and outbound logistics, stock management, warehousing...

  • Marketing, advertising and public relations: room D, shelfmark 658.8

E-marketing, sales, brands, market research, neuromarketing, consumer behaviour...

History, sociology, philosophy

Room H, 1st floor

These disciplines are not covered by the Faculté de droit et science politique and the Faculté des sciences économiques, but they are including in the teaching of several courses. The purpose is also to provide students with documentation enabling them to develop and maintain their general knowledge, and to prepare for the "Grand oral" type tests of the category competitions.

  • Philosophy, psychology: room H, shelfmarks 100 to 150 (for political philosophy, see index 320.01)
  • Morality - Ethic: room H, shelfmarks 170 to 179

Professional ethics, bioethics, political ethics.

  • Religions, history of religions: room H, shelfmark 200
  • Sociology: room H, shelfmarks 300 to 307 and political sociology: 306.2
  • Social problems: room H, shelfmark 360

Social policy, social security, public health, health economics, social welfare problems and services, housing, environment.

  • History : room H, shelfmark 900 and  European and French history: shelfmark 940 and 944
Computer science

Room B.

Shelfmarks 004 to 006

The Computer Science sector is intended primarily for students and teacher-researchers on the Centre campus.

There are specific computer science courses at the university, taught by ISTIC and ESIR, located on the Beaulieu campus. The BU Beaulieu therefore makes many purchases for this discipline. The BU Centre's collections in this field are very general and provide basic documentation for students on the Centre campus.

However, at the Faculty of Economics, applied computer science is present in several courses: the MIASHS (Mathematics and Computer Science Applied to Human and Social Sciences) degree, the master's degree in applied mathematics and statistics and the master's degree in statistics and economic modelling.



Room A.

The Languages space gathers the resources of the library and the SCELVA language resource centres: dictionaries and courses.

  • English: room A, shelfmarks 420 to 429
  • German: room A, shelfmarks 430 to 439
  • French: room A, shelfmarks 440 to 449, including French as a Foreign Language books (FLE)
  • Italien : room A, shelfmarks 450 to 459
  • Spanish : room A, shelfmarks 460 to 469
  • Linguistics, others languages: room A, shelfmarks 400, 470, 490

Linguistics, Latin, Greek, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese and Russian


Room B.

The Mathematics sector is firstly intended for students and teacher-researchers of the UFR Sciences économiques. Quantitative techniques (mathematics, computer science, statistics) are part of the curriculum for the economics and management degree, but also for certain Masters.

IGR-IAE students also have courses in management mathematics and financial mathematics.

The mathematics discipline as such is taught on the Beaulieu campus within the Mathematics Department. The BU Beaulieu therefore makes priority purchases for this subject. However, the BU Centre is developing a collection of mathematics for economists, focusing its purchases on publishers and collections for economists, not for scientists.

Books containing mathematical annals and exercises for the ECE stream of the preparatory classes for the grandes écoles are acquired and catalogued in the Management sector, along with the annals of business school competitions.

  • Pure mathematics: room B, shelfmark 510
  • Probability and mathematics applied to statistics: room B, shelfmark 529
Novels, comics, DVDs, newspapers and magazines

Room A.

  • DVD: room A.

Created in 2015, the library's DVD collection includes recent documentaries, french or foreign, related to the legal, economic, political and historical issues in which students should be interested. Fiction films are only purchased in exceptional cases, when they have real documentary value.

  • Comic strips: room A

As with the DVDs, the purpose of the comics and graphic novels is to give students the opportunity to reflect on various issues in a way that is different from the lectures and textbooks. Didactic and documentary comics are still in full expansion, giving rise to new collections and authorial or editorial approaches (scientific mangas, Bédéthèque des savoirs, etc.)

  • Novels: room A

Leisure readings classic works, bilingual novels or novels in the original language.

Political science

Patio, room G.

The sector is intended for students and teacher-researchers of the UFR of Law and Political Science, as well as for students of the Institut d'Études Politiques de Rennes (IEP), which also has its own library.

The research centres concerned at the university are: the IDPSP (Institute of Public Law and Political Science) and the Arènes laboratory (formerly the Centre de recherches sur l'action politique en Europe - Crape; UMR CNRS 6051). The researchers of this laboratory participate in many publications.

  • Most recent political science journals (alphabetical order by title): room G
  • Politics : patio, shelfmark 320 (except 320.01, .1, .5, .9)

General works on political science, including introductory works on political science, dictionaries, "essays in honour of" and works of historical studies.

  • Political philosophy: patio, shelfmark 320.01 to .019

Political philosophy and general theory (political systems), corpus of authors (Machiavelli, Harendt...).

  • State: patio, shelfmark 320.9

State, forms of States, sovereignty...

  • Political ideologies: patio, shelfmark 320.5 to 320.57

Political ideologies (liberalism, socialism, communism, fascism, etc.), history of political ideas...

  • Contemporary political situation: patio, shelfmark 320.9

Political situation and conditions (France, Europe, other countries or continents), geopolitics of a particular country, biographies of politicians...

  • Systems of governments and states: patio, shelfmark 321

Forms of governments and states, political regimes.

  • Politics- other subjects: patio, shelfmarks 322 to 326

Relations between the State and social groups, civil and political rights, political process (political parties, elections), public policies..

  • International relations: patio, shelfmark 327

International relations, diplomacy, foreign policy, international conflicts, terrorism...


Examination papers

Law: examination papers are available:

  • 2020-2021: in print at the BU Centre,open access in the library lobby (consultation on site only) and online via your ENT (Tab "Formation insertion pro", then "annales").
  • 2019-2020: examination papers are not available due to the health crisis, neither online nor in print.

Economics: 2019-2020 examination papers are available:

  • online via your ENT (Tab "Formation insertion pro", then "annales")
  • in print at the BU Centre (open access in the library lobby, consultation on site only)