Giving documents

You intend to give some books to the University of Rennes' libraries. We thank you for your generosity! 
Donner des livres aux bibliothèques de Rennes
Thank you for your project of donation to the University Libraries!

The University of Rennes' Libraries may accept books, periodicals and scientific or private archives.
Audiovisual materials such as DVDs are not accepted: since all DVDs available in libraries are subjected to specific loan conditions with fees.

Before the donation is accepted

Prior to acceptance, the libraries will check :

  • the relevance of submitted items: whether or not the offered documents are in line with the training or research subjects of the university
  • their currency: are these documents updated, of latest or superceded edition, in case of manuals
  • their general state
  • the stewardship condition: wether the intent of donation is consistent with the storage capacity of the libraries

In the case of outdated or slightly damaged books or manuals, the librarian may suggest that they should be put directly at the users’ s disposal : they will be given from hand to hand without going through the library collection.

How to proceed?

The donator is requested to provide a list of the  proposed documents or at least a precise enough description of the donation.

It is the donation’s monetary value that entails the procedure:

  • The estimated value of the donation is below 1 500 €: no particular formalities. You are simply asked to fill in the donation proposal form
  • The estimated value of the donation is between 1 500 and 10 000 €: you are requested to complete the donation proposal form which will be followed by a signed donation agreement
  • The estimated value of the donation is over 10 000 €: on top of the afore mentioned documents, the approval by the administration board of directors is compulsory

You can contact your librarians on site, by phone or by mail bu-contactatlistes [dot] univ-rennes1 [dot] fr (subject: Proposition%20de%20don%20de%20documents) (by mail)

Can the University Libraries give away the documents they have chosen to eliminate ?

The University Libraries constantly check the adequacy of their collections to students and scholars needs and sometimes perform some necessary « weeding ». this consists in taking out from the open stacks the documents that are deemed damaged, outdated or that have been unused for several years.Some of these documents are stacked away in the libraries compact storage rooms.

The remaining documents are removed from the library collections. They may be donated on condition they meet the following requirements:

  • Library donations can only be given to associations that fall within the scope of Article n° L3212-2 of July 1st, 1901 of the General Code of Public Property.
  • The donation value cannot be over 300 €
  • The University of Rennes will provide a list of the proposed documents
  • Transport and expenses will be at the recipient’ s cost (unless otherwise arranged with the library)
  • The documents will be in good condition and their content must be relevant
  • There must be a bilateral agreement between the University of Rennes and the beneficiary

Since 2021, at the start of each academic year, a "bibliodon" has been co-organised in each BU with a student association. In 2022, more than 2,000 documents were donated to students.