I can't get any further than an “EbscoHost” page

You have found the article you are looking for in your favourite database, but when you want to consult it, you get the following page:


What happened and what can you do?

Do not try to login in via this page, go back.

The most common problem is that you have used a direct link that requires the “passerelle.univ-rennes1.fr” suffix

Example: https://scifinder.cas.org instead of https://scifinder.cas.org.passerelle.univ-rennes1.fr/
The link resolver, designed to give access, has not recognised you as a member of the Université deRennes 1 community.

Correct the link, search again, and it should work!
You can make things easier by installing your browser the Library Acess add-on.

If you still have the same problem, delete your browser history.
If the problem continues, you can submit a ticket.