ILL for institutions

For libraries and documentation centres
PEB - prêt entre bibliothèques

Submit an ILL request to the University of Rennes' Libraries

Send an email to the ILL managers at each university library stating:

  • name and contact details of your institution, including the shipping and invoicing addresses
  • business and VAT numbers
  • full reference of the document or article requested.

Contact details can be found at the right of the page.

Document types eligible for ILLs

All documents recorded in Supernova as available for borrowing, or documents recorded in SUDOC as available for ILLs.
They may be books, theses and copies of articles.
Documents dating prior to 1920 are excluded.

The borrowing institution undertakes to respect the maximum loan period (28 days). It is responsible for the borrowed documents.


If you are a university library or French town library:

  • copies of articles: free of charge (mutual exchange)

  • book loan: €8

For other libraries or documentation centres in France:

  • copies of articles: €8.

  • book loan: €12

For libraries outside of France:

  • copies of articles: 1 IFLA voucher

  • book loan: 1.5 to 3 IFLA vouchers

Last update: 2023/01/03


ILL outside the European Union is suspended. Requests for printed documents may only be made within the European Union, as customs charges apply outside this area.