Library Access in Firefox on computers managed by the university

CC by Erik Mclean via Unsplash - un renard sur une route

Library Access is installed by default in Firefox on computers managed by the University, to benefit from it, you have nothing to do.

To make sure the extension is installed, or to call back the pop up if necessary, locate the icon at the top right:


Bouton extension Chrome

Some examples of messages:

  • a Open Access version is available


Une version Open Access est disponible
  • The journal is available on the Europresse press base


Library Access : exemple Le Monde / Europresse

Note that the Library Access extension offers a number of guarantees in terms of privacy and collection of your personal data.

In rare cases, the extension may be installed but not triggered. In this case, follow our Hint ans tip to solve the problem!

Do not hesitate to contact us by opening a ticket if you encounter difficulties in using the extension.