Library Access is not triggered

Problem identified

Library Access is a browser extension facilitating access to online documentation, and installed by default in Firefox on workstations managed by the DSI.

When Library Access is activated, the button is colored and a pop-up is triggered to give you access to the documentation, orient you to an alternative or bring you a useful popup message.

In your case, the Library Access button remains inactive in Firefox (it is gray), and, if you click on it, only a draft pop-up appears.


Copie d'écran du problème


What's happening ?

An error occurred during the deployment of the extension, your Firefox profile was enriched in the local D: folders however omitting some settings.

The default institution "Université de Rennes " is not associated with the extension, which therefore does not work since it does not rely on data from any institution.

What can I do ?

Step 1 : recreate a Firefox profile

  • close completely Firefox
  • with the file explorer, , go to D:\Home\<uid> [son identifiant initiale du prénom-nom]  (his initial identifier of the first name-last name)
  • rename the Firefox folder found there to Firefox.sauve
  • relaunch Firefox, which will create a new profile automatically
  • test by going for example to the Library Access button must be colored in orange and a pop-up is displayed alone, or by clicking on the button. If not, close and reopen Firefox before trying again.

Step 2 : recover your favorites and saved passwords in Firefox

  • close Firefox again
  • with the file explorer, go to D:\Home\<uid>\Firefox.sauve
  • select then copy the following 3 files:
    • key4.db
    • logins.json (if available)
    • places.sqlite

  • paste them in the new folder D: \ Home \ <uid> \ Firefox
  • relaunch Firefox

The Library Access pop-up should now work and any saved favorites / ID are not lost.

If despite this the extension remains inactive, it may be necessary to intervene on your Windows profile. In this case, create a ticket in technical support.

In some cases the plugin isn't automatically downloaded with your new Firefox profile. If that happens, you have to download it but it will be automatically set for the University of Rennes.