Mission BU : listening to you to evolve

Our goal: to support your success
Mission BU : vous écouter pour évoluer

Mission BU : a label born of the latest satisfaction survey

Following the 3rd edition of their major satisfaction survey on welcome, collections and buildings, the BUs have analysed the needs and demands expressed. They focus on a few items:

The spaces

Here, the expectations are the most important and the level observed is the highest. If the efforts implemented so far are noted, the libraries still had to improve their premises, furniture and general comfort to match with the new working practices.

This concerns the lack of group rooms, electrical sockets, and an expectation of an improved working environment and interior fittings.

Documentary resources

Questions about documentary resources, research and information tools are noted at the same level as in 2017. While users are generally satisfied with printed resources, the website and search engines are still considered difficult to use.

Opening hours

A quarter of the feedback on opening hours is thankful for the opening of the three BU with extended opening hours. The majority of requests for extended opening hours were for earlier opening times in the morning, at 8am for example.

Seat reservations

The entire system generates comments. It is sometimes difficult to determine if the comments relate to the service (the principle of booking) or the Libcal reservation tool.

In response to these concerns, the BU have undertaken a series of improvements. In order to be more recognisable, these are labelled « Mission BU ».

A quality welcome with Services Publics +

logo Services Publics +

The quality of  welcome and services provided is at the centre of the actions of theUniversity of Rennes libraries. It is particularly based on the indispensable indicators of satisfaction and public knowledge surveys.

  • Since September 2016, the BU have been involved in the Marianne service quality and welcome programme.
  • Since 2021, the Services Publics + programme has succeeded to Marianne, with new engagements extended to all administrations in relation with users.

Libraries are involved in providing you with a closer, more efficient and simpler public service based on the 9 shared priorities of the Services Publics + programme..

+close to you

1. We welcome you with courtesy and mutual respect. We show kindness and ensure your comfort.

2. We can be contacted on site, by telephone, by e-mail or by chat. We make it easy for you to use our Internet services and to complete your procedures online.

3. We facilitate access to services for people with disabilities or difficulties. You can receive personalised support.


4. We direct you to the competent person to handle your enquiry.

5. We respond to your questions within one week for electronic requests and two weeks for postal requests. We pick up all your calls and minimize your time on hold.

6. You have access to our quality of service survey results:

BU figures and statistics results of surveys and polls (in french)


7. We take your opinions into consideration to improve and adapt our services: we consult you regularly through surveys or user tests, we provide you with a suggestion box and we handle your claims.

8. We are constantly improving and developing our skills.

9. We are engaged in an eco-responsible approach (selective recycling, water fountains, energy economy...).

Indicators of the quality welcome:

  • Number of opening hours per day and per student: [figure to come].
  • Overall satisfaction rate based on satisfaction surveys performed in 2013, 2017 and 2021:


taux satisfaction qualité

Surveys and polls performed by the BU

The BU are involved in a quality initiative to follow the standard of welcome in the State's public services.

Called « Services publics + », this programme engages us to take into account your opinions to improve and adapt our services. This is the purpose of our regular surveys.

The enquiries help us to assess your level of satisfaction with the welcome you receive in the libraries, the documentation on site or online, as well as your use of the premises and equipment. We always rely on your feedback and suggestions for improving our services.

Here are some examples of changes made following surveys:

  • Extended opening hours (evenings and weekends) with the La Borderie rooms and the BU Villejean Santé.
  • Introduction of new services: extending your borrowing period, booking borrowed documents, BU drive service, etc.
  • Complete upgrade of the BU Villejean Santé documentation offer.
  • Creation of BU workshops and the Focus website, to help you use the documentation and research tools.
  • Online booking of group study rooms at the BU Beaulieu and the BU Centre.