My home institution is registered by default (and it's not the right one)

Problem identified

When accessing to the online resources, you are asked to select your institution, in this case "Université de Rennes 1" :


This setting may have been saved to your computer station by default. No problem if the Université de Rennes 1 has been registered, but if it is another institution (INSA, ENS ...), you are blocked!


Solution N°1: reset your institution by default

You can first go to the address to reset your institution by default.

Solution n°2: change Zotero configuration

If that does not work, the faulty may be Zotero, the bibliographic data management software.
Go to your Zotero configuration to delete the configured proxy server, and for safety, remove the cache and cookies from your browser.
If you do not control the Zotero settings, a step by step in Firefox:

It still doesn’t work?

If the problem persists, you can deposit a ticket.
Please provide us with as precise a description as possible of the problem encountered, the environment in which it occurs, by adding full screenshots if possible. We will think hard to find a solution!