Supernova, libraries search engine

Supernova is THE search engine for the libraries' documentary collections,whether printed (on the shelves) or online.
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Direct URL

To add Supernova to your browser favourites, use the direct URL:

Introduction to Supernova

Supernova searches:

    • books, ebooks, journals titles in the catalogue of the University of Rennes, ENS Rennes, SciencesPo Rennes and INSA Rennes libraries,
    • journals articles, ebooks, ebook chapters in the databases and online journals that the university subscribes to
    • in some open access library resources.

So you can find:
    • books, journals, thesis, physically available in the libraries of the University of Rennes and its partners,
    • but also ebooks, scientific articles from the many journals and databases to which the university has subscribed and from open access sources.

Some resources are not or only partially referenced in Supernova. You can also browse the databases directly from the website, rubrique Online resources page.


Supernova: the interactive tutorial in french!

Too many results? Filter them out

The « Livres et revues dans les rayonnages » limiter allows you to display only what is present on the library shelves, as well as ebooks.
So you can exclude ebooks by selecting one or more specific document types.
You can also limit the results to recent documents by changing the publication dates covered.


limiteurs et filtres dans supernova

Accounts available in Supernova: Sesame authentication, library account and MyEBSCO account

University of Rennes authentication

By default, you access Supernova in "guest" mode, without being recognised as a member of the University. This connection allows you to  login with your Sesame ID, access Supernova's additional functions and directly access the online resources subscribe by the university.

authentification sesame universitaire supernova


Library account [compte lecteur]

You need to log in to your library account to check your loans, make your drive request "BU drive" or extend your loans...


Visuel Compte lecteur


MyEBSCO account

By creating a MyEbsco account, you can access Supernova's customised services: creating projects, accessing your research history, etc.

Visuel MyEBSCO

Log in before you request a "BU Drive"

In Supernova, you must imperatively log in to your "Compte lecteur" first BEFORE clicking on the "BU Drive" link, to make the connection with your library account.
Otherwise you may log in but you will encounter this following error message:


Erreur Supernova Koha non authentifié

In this case, go back, and respect the order of the following actions

  1. Go to Supernova
  2. Log in to your library account [compte lecteur] first (in the bottom left corner of your PC screen)
  3. Then search Supernova for the item you would like to borrow and click on the "BU Drive" link.

You will avoid the error on "authentification CAS".

Access the full text

Supernova allows you to directly access the full text of articles and ebooks found.
Then, you can :

  • view them online
  • download them when the publisher’s platform offer this feature.


Accès au texte intégral, accès en ligne


Explore a new search mode: the concept map

Search by concept, in the form of a map or grid with Supernova.
You can build your search by discovering the concepts and terms associated with it.

schéma conceptuel Supernova schéma conceptuel Supernova