Supernova in Moodle

Did you know that you can access the library catalog (Supernova) without leaving Moodle?
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Supernova in Moodle: now possible with Curriculum Builder, a Moodle plugin


As a teacher, you can now edit bibliographies with comments in Moodle without having to leave your course space. The Supernova plugin for Moodle is designed to maximize the use of your course sources and make it easier for students to use our collections.

By building your bibliography with this tool, which connects you directly to the library catalog, you can check the availability of a particular book on the shelves or online. If the document is not available, we invite you to suggest its purchase.

As a student, you can consult this library, read your teachers' comments and access the selected titles directly without opening the library catalog.

From the teachers side: integrate Supernova

 When you are logged into your course space in edit mode, add a resource where you want your bibliography items to appear.

1. From the menu, select Outil externe:

choix de l'activité externe

2. Then select Supernova:

sélection du module supernova

3. Name your bibliography: Nom de l'activité field

4. Save the resource: Enregistrer et revenir au cours

The activity has been added. As it is an external tool, its icon looks like a puzzle piece:

icone activité supernova

On the teachers side: create a bibliography

If you have already given this name to another bibliography in another course space, the plugin offers you to copy the content of this previous bibliography. You can distinguish between them by the course-space that contains it.

If you start with a new bibliography with a name that has already been given, select Start fresh.


You are then directed to the Supernova search engine (the Moodle version of Supernova).

1. Search using this engine:


2. You can refine your search by using the filters found on the left side of the screen.

The filters are, with very few exceptions, the same as those in the basic Supernova.


3. To add a title to your bibliography, click on Ajouter à la liste de lecture :

Bouton liste de lectures

4. To view your updated library, click on Voir la liste de lecture en cours

5. For each document added, you can write comments for your students.


Click on Sauvegarder la remarque.

6. You can also add materials that are not in Supernova but that you found on the web:

ajout web

7. The links in your bibliography will always be valid because they are persistent access.

8. It is possible to export the content of the bibliography in one of the proposed bibliographic styles, for example APA. This does not work with Zotero for the moment..

style biblio

On the students side

By using Supernova for Moodle, you save your students a literature search. Students will have no trouble accessing your bibliography and the documents that it contains.

They will be able to view easily the documents in digital format :  finding the full text of the resource will be immediate for them.