Terms and conditions of use

Contrat - conditions d'utilisation - ressources en ligne de l'université de Rennes 1 - CC By Art Lasovsky via Unsplash


Access to online resources made available by the SCD is neither open nor free. With the signature of its President, the whole University commits to respecting the terms of full legal licences.

These state, in particular, that large-volume content downloads and the use of offline readers are prohibited, as is the dissemination of copyrighted content.

The same applies to remote access to resources, which is reserved exclusively for university use and excludes, in particular, professional use.

Any individual breaches in this regard may lead to a suspension of the online service for the entire university community.

In the event of breaches, your individual access to online resources may be temporarily suspended.

Requirements for online access

To access online resources subscribed by the university, you must be identified as an accredited person by the resource provider.

Choose to access online resources via the links provided in Supernova or in Online Resources, and/or install the Library Access browser extension.


Acccess conditions :

Online resources can be accessed via the Sesame account of the university (ID and password used to access the ENT, email, etc..)

  • I am an University of Rennes student or staff member (including contract staff and professors emeriti)

 I can access online resources wherever I am (at the university, while travelling, at home).

  • I am a temporary worker, temporary guest, retired staff member, trainee or enrolled at the library as external user

  I can access university resources on all campuses and on the WiFi network. I do not have access to off-campus online resources.

Some databases are exceptions and are only accessible to the University of Rennes community. Please consult the specific requirments of each database on our Online resources pages (in french).

  • I'm from outside  the University of Rennes (if I don’t have any links with the university)

 I don't have Sesame account and I don't have access to online resources. I can join the library as a member.

Conditions of use specific to the ISTEX platfor

The User has the following rights to the available resources accessible on the ISTEX platform at

from the ISTEX API:

  • the right to reproduce the resources, in whole or in part, on any paper or digital medium, in any format, without limitation of number, and in particular by download or printing;
  • the right to extract sub-corpuses from available resources from the ISTEX API;
  • the right to access and use the value-added services available from the ISTEX API, in particular but not limited to analysis or processing operations (including automatically), search text, enrichment, sharing, collaborative work, association or interaction between resources;
  • the right to create derivative works or to generate new content from these resources, to integrate them into other works or databases;
  • the right to communicate to the public or to particular categories of public the content generated from the services available from the ISTEX API, directly or indirectly, in whole or in part, by any means or network of communication known or unknown, in any form, so that everyone can have access to it from the place and at the time he chooses individually.

The User undertakes to verify the terms of the licenses concluded with the publishers and available on the site
http://www.istex.fr/ to ensure the extent of its rights on the resources.

These rights are used by the User in its scientific teaching and/or research activities.

To lrean more, please visit our Istex page which describes the platform and it related services.


Use of the resources on mobile device (smartphone, tablet)

In certain cases, the on-line resources are also available in the form of mobile applications.
We invite you for the use on smartphones and tablets as far as possible to favor the web versions rather than the mobile applications.
We recommend you in every case to be all eyes on the conditions of accesses and authorization requests expressed by the product before any download. You can for example for it use Exodus, platform of analysis of the applications for smartphone Android.
In any event, note that the University does not insure technical support on the external mobile applications.