Missing privileges

When entering your Sesame, access is denied for "missing privileges".

Problem identified

You want to enter your Sesame ID but you get the error message « Accès au service refusé en raison de privilèges manquants" [« Access to the service denied due to missing privileges" ]:

Access to online resources is based on a directory (LDAP) and an authentication system (CAS) bringing together members of the University of Rennes, ENSCR, and Sciences Po Rennes. On the other hand, the identity providers (IdP) are separate for each institution.

The message "access to the service refused due to missing privileges" is displayed when a member of one of these institutions tries to connect via the IdP of another institution.

The solution

Select the institution matching your Sesame ID: Université de Rennes, or ENSCR, or SciencesPo.

Choisir l'établissement pour se connecter
If you do not have this selection window, or if you cannot change what is in it, follow the instructions « My home institution is registered by default (and it's not the right one) »